The congregation of this church works together and with others to:

  • Provide and promote Christian sacramental worship

  • Develop and share a place in which to find peace, meaning, and identity

  • Serve and care for individuals, the community, and the world, as followers of Christ

 St. John the Evangelist Church, Park Street, Taunton, TA1 4DG

Serving the people of Taunton town centre and beyond through our tradition of catholic sacramental worship.




    We also subscribe to the aims of   Inclusive Church

                    Christ, when he was lifted up did not say

                    "I draw some people to myself"

                    He said

                    "I draw all, all, ALL"

                                             Archbishop Desmond Tutu

During our limited 2020 season we have supported:
  -  Somerset Churches Trust

  - Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance Service

  - 4Lois Baby & Child Loss Charity

  - The Reminiscence Learning Archie Project

and we continue to support:

  - Christian Aid

  - Taunton Foodbank



St John's will be holding the Sunday morning service

by Zoom at 10.00am over the next weeks.

The Zoom access link is


Meeting ID:       886 9812 5327

Passcode:           918346

Telephone:        0131 460 1196 or 0203 481 5237



The church is open on Thursdays for private prayer
12.00 - 14.00
Come and sit, reflect or pray as you need



"We too have a constant friend and companion in the risen Christ on whom we can rely as we journey on through these weeks and months of uncertainty."

so we are alone, but together


" As the challenge of the coronavirus grips the world, and as the Government  asks every individual and every organisation to rethink its life, we are now asking the Church of England in all its parishes, chaplaincies and ministries to serve all people in a new way."
                           Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury and John, Archbishop of York



A prayer from Bishop Peter

Lord God, carer of all people, creator, sustainer and healer;

We pray for all who have contracted Covid-19. Be with them and their loved ones and bring healing to their bodies.

We pray for all medical staff and emergency services as they look after the physical health, worries and concerns of their patients, especially the vulnerable and particularly those who have reduced contact with the outside world. Let us be good neighbours, looking out and after each other.

We remember the work of scientists, discovering and testing vaccines for this disease, and we pray for all of us, caught up in our everyday lives with the effects of these outbreaks.

Bless your world Lord, and help us to be blessings to one another, in Jesus name.  Amen


Reflections and Readings

The Easter Season 

O believe marvels are happening for you;

think what you’d otherwise rob from your soul.

Marvels kneel before you, and implore,

but they’ll only be when you believe in them.


They are here among us, at every door,

and are so light and also solemn,

and when you bring them to festivities,

you’ll almost think they’re bringing you.

Rainer Maria Rilke,

The resurrection is such a mind-blowing event, so out of the ordinary every-dayness of our lives that we can be forgiven if we don’t quite know what to do with this happening or how to connect with it. Yet we have this entire easter season now until Pentecost to reflect and ponder on what the resurrection means to us in our daily lives.

Because if there’s one thing the resurrection accounts make clear it is this: resurrection begins when the disciples (and we) go home – home to the utterly ordinariness of daily life. Marvels happening in the ordinariness of our daily lives, here among us.

This was brought home to me the other day and Rilke’s poem came to mind. There’s a stream running alongside a walkway near where I live. Suddenly I noticed movement in the stream and along sailed a female duck with seven tiny balls of fluff – seven tiny ducklings! Three of us, myself and two strangers stood transfixed, delighting in the sight before our eyes. Three strangers united by the new life we were suddenly invited to pause before and behold. The sight gave us something to hope in and believe in, some newness had suddenly arrived into our lives, unsought, unbidden. We each smiled at one another and then went our separate ways, each of us changed by the marvel, ‘so light and also solemn’ (to quote from the poem) that we had witnessed together. We had been able to step beyond the everydayness into something else.

With Jesus’ resurrection God shatters human categories of who God is, where God’s life and energy are to be found, and how God works in this world. Resurrected life can never be contained, or controlled by human thought or understanding. Jesus’ resurrection compels us to step outside our usual human understandings of reality and enter into the divine reality. The resurrected life of Christ isrevealed in and through the created order. And this resurrected life of Christ reveals that all creation and every one of us are filled with God, holiness, divinity. Nothing can bind or supersede the grace that is given us through resurrection: unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, unconditional life. This is the divine reality into which we are invited, not at some future time and place but here and now; now, always NOW, so believe marvels are happening for you and that marvels kneel before you NOW.

The poem by Rilke says so much to aid our journey through this Easter season.

May you be blessed by marvels happening for YOU

Rev Jane      



Sunday, 18th April                    Easter 3                   Acts 3. 12-19

By Zoom                                                                  1 John 3. 1-7

                                                                                Luke 24. 36b-48


Sunday, 25th April                    Easter 4                   Acts 4. 5-12

By Zoom                                                                 1 John 3. 16-end              

                                                                                John 10. 11-18



St John the Evangelist Church

serves Taunton in a Benefice with St Mary Magdalene

The Rev Tobie Osmond is the Vicar of the Benefice
of St Mary Magdalene, Taunton and St John the Evangelist, Taunton.

Rev Jane Eastell is Associate Vicar with responsibility for St John's

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For any issues concerning Safeguarding, please contact the

Safeguarding Officer

Paul Lewis

07929 068 015


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